Professional Services

“Against the backdrop of a global pandemic, navigating the complexity, urgency and pervasiveness of the challenges facing today’s healthcare industry requires visionary leadership to coalesce, empower, influence and inspire all stakeholders, including patients, so that innovation and ingenuity flourish at all levels across a collaborative ecosystem for improved health and healthcare for all.”

- Michael Joseph, PMP, Founder & CEO

As the coronavirus pandemic has exposed serious flaws in our healthcare delivery system, now more than ever, every sector of the healthcare industry must embrace digital transformation, not only as a strategic imperative, but also as a human-centered mission steeped in empathy and compassion. Prime Dimensions brings depth and breadth of expertise to help you accelerate this journey by harnessing the power of digital to reimagine world-class care delivery that is convenient, accessible and affordable, bridging health disparities and needs of underserved populations.

  • Design Thinking Sessions

  • Journey Mapping

  • Feasibility Analysis

  • Data Integration and FHIR APIs

  • Agile Development and Rapid Prototyping

  • Intelligent Automation

Our value-added professional services complements our digital health strategy and solution offerings. By assembling integrated teams of multi-disciplinary skills -- clinicians, technologists, developers, data scientists, IT architects, solution designers AND PATIENTS -- to guide, build and deploy solutions that yield measurable, impactful results. Through our methodology, we enhance ideation by focusing on specific pain points for all stakeholders and applying innovations that make the “art-of-the-possible” feasible, tangible and scalable.

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Health Enterprise Data Hub

To deliver a Digital Health experience at scale, we offer a proven methodology to implement the Health Enterprise Data Hub, through on-prem, cloud hosted or hybrid deployment. We configure each of these components to optimize performance associated with the complexity, volume and velocity of user inquiries and transactions. We provide expertise on data governance, integration and orchestration, in coordination with Data Lake repositories and DevOps tools, to establish a virtualized data environment that delivers API-enabled responses that are fast, accurate and complete. Through intelligent automation, we create interactive process models that help visualize and simplify the complexity associated with advanced analytics, predictive models and machine learning algorithms.

Let us help you exceed future standards of care

Healthcare organizations are under increased pressure to provide greater value and increased efficiency while ensuring improved quality of care. At the same time, treatment options and clinical pathways are becoming more complex, stakeholder expectations are increasing, payer demands are escalating, and the rapid pace of technology change is unprecedented. Digital health transformation is the answer, but the promise of digital health requires a methodical, deliberative approach to achieve desired results. To be successful, we follow these guiding principles:

  • Realization that the status quo will not be sufficient to exceed future standards of care and stakeholder expectations

  • Visionary leadership that empowers, inspires, and is not afraid to fail

  • A collaborative environment that promotes free exchange of ideas among all stakeholders.

  • A culture that encourages ingenuity, intellectual curiosity and imperative to “push the envelope”

  • Multidisciplinary teams of specialists who guide, build, deploy, and scale solutions;

  • Leveraging cumulative effect of continuous improvement, incremental advances and adjacent technology

  • An imperative to share data with safeguards for privacy and security

  • Adopting agile development approach for rapid prototyping and deployment of solutions