Healthcare Solutions
21st Century Digital Health Enterprise

We help you create effective Digital Health patient experiences that are ubiquitous, automated, and personalized by optimizing timing and frequency of interactions to keep patients healthy in the ambulatory setting. Features and capabilities include:

  • Connection with virtual care solutions, remote monitoring devices and digital therapeutics for disease prevention and management.

  • Integration of patient clinical and demographic data to deliver contextually and clinically relevant information to patients, including reminders, notifications and alerts, to avoid adverse events and eliminate care gaps.

  • On-demand, omni-channel access to the proper healthcare professionals via text, phone and/or virtual visits.

  • Information to patients on disease prevention, healthy lifestyles and wellness.

  • Recommendations and guidance for at-risk patients to appropriate clinical, ancillary or public health services.

As the trend for digital tools is moving toward mobile platforms and cloud-based services, our innovators and designers are focused on how to enhance and enrich features and capabilities, so that the tools remain adaptive, flexible, simple and convenient.